"Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie."

This is why im so nasty, 90’s rnb was no joke


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"Do it.
Get on the plane, get the train,
Walk 300 miles.
Get to her front door and tell her
“I know this is crazy
But I need you now.”
Our lives are too short to always be sensible,
Get the girl.
Distance makes no difference if your eyes light up when she laughs."

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"Love, I think, is a gateway to the world, not an escape from it."

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"Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in."

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  • Men: Not ALL men.
  • Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them.